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7 Tips to Secure your social media accounts

7 Tips to Secure your social media accounts

At present social media is the part of daily life. People spend their leisure time on social media. All of the people want to secure her social media accounts. Social media is a public place where people sharing their opinion, emotions, daily life event. If any person gets your social media account he or she can exploit your life ruin your personality. So many people worry about her social media account security, how to secure his social media account. I give you 7 tips to secure your social media accounts.

Strong password
If you want to secure your social media account you must choose your password strong. But how to strengthen it that is very easy.
  • Use long password
  • In password must use capital letters and small letters both.
  • Use numbers
  • And also use @#_-+/  that sign
One more thing is don't use the same password in various account's. My last word makes your password to complexity.

Genuine name and address

On your social media accounts give your right information don't give the fake information. If you give fake information on social media account than any kind of authentication problem you can't verify. So give your authentic information about yourself. Must use your national ID card name and address. For that's any kind of authentication problem you can solve easily. And secure your social media accounts properly.

Two steps verification

Facebook, Tweeter or another social media have two steps verification. Two steps verification means you will get an SMS through your mobile number and here you get a code. Which called one-time password. You can verify through this code that is two steps verification. So my recommendation is secure your social media accounts by two steps verification.

Apps and website permission

When we login any website and apps through social media accounts you must check which permission they want and which you gift. The big matter is that apps or website are trusted. Because of many apps and website link in social media if they are not trusted or they can compromise or hack your social media accounts. So If you don't want or use this app please log out from those apps and website.

Hide your login information

Don't share your sensitive information. Sensitive information means your phone number, Gmail account name. Your social media accounts open by those email address don't show up and also your phone number. All your personal information hide by only me option. If you hide your sensitive information in first step hacker can't find your information. These steps secure your social media accounts.

Don't open the unknown link

If you don't know anyone who shares a link please don't click those Link. If you click any unknown link you can attack by fishing or another hacking method. Because of many hacking methods used by the link share. The especially Short link is more important because many hackers use the short link so don't click any unknown person shared the link.

Remove the previous login

Killed your previous login session. We login our social media through our previous phone or friends phone but we don't kill our login session. So go-to social medias setting option and kill all devices session. If you don't do this two steps verification is not working on this matter.


This is the 7 Tips to Secure your social media accounts. If follow this rules you can secure your social media accounts properly

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